Will 2013 Be The Year of Loyalty Programs?

Kelly Clay, www.forbes.com


During the past year, several mobile loyalty programs sprang up to entice small business owners with limited resources to create low-cost programs to reward frequent customers for purchases. These programs, such as LevelUp, Pirq, and Belly, allow business owners to tailor loyalty programs to their specific business needs. Of course, loyalty programs are nothing new – airlines have awarded miles for years and retailers like Starbucks continually evolve their own in-house programs.


Converting Mobile Loyalty into Program Loyalty

Simon Keogh, www.loyalty.com


Think about how loyal we are to our smartphones. More than 80 percent of young Americans and 75 percent of Canadians take their phones to bed, according to the recent Rogers Innovation Report. There’s even a new medical condition called nomophobia - no-mobile-phone phobia. With such an interconnected society, the marketer’s challenge is to build on this mobile loyalty as a way to strengthen program loyalty.